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Station 19 ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der Männer und Frauen einer Feuerwache. Sie ist ein Ableger der Krankenhaus-Serie Grey’s Anatomy. Die erste Staffel wurde zwischen März und Mai in den USA. Station 19 (auf Pro7 abweichend Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der Männer und Frauen. Im Zentrum der Serie "Seattle Firefighters" (OT: Station 19) steht die Feuerwache "Station 19" in Seattle. Von hier aus rücken Lieutenant Andy Herrera und ihre. die neuesten Trailer ✓ den umfangreichsten Episodenguide ✓ die vollständige Besetzung! Rollenbeschreibungen und die Darsteller der Serie «Station 19». Savre spielt die Rolle von Maya Bishop in der Serie Station 19 seit spielt die Rolle von Pruitt Herrera in der Serie Station 19 seit Besetzung Station 19 Staffel 2. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Synchronsprecher. Miguel Sandoval, Pruitt Herrera, Kaspar Eichel. Jason Winston George, Ben Warren.

station 19 besetzung

Station 19 ist nach Chicago Fire momentan die zweite Firefighter Serie. Doch wer glaubt es ist eine Kopie irrt sich. Daa Grey's Anatomy Spin Off macht richtig. die neuesten Trailer ✓ den umfangreichsten Episodenguide ✓ die vollständige Besetzung! Rollenbeschreibungen und die Darsteller der Serie «Station 19». Savre spielt die Rolle von Maya Bishop in der Serie Station 19 seit spielt die Rolle von Pruitt Herrera in der Serie Station 19 seit Nürnberg, Pfarrey - Besetzung bey St. Lorenz >oi. Oberaudorf, Zoll-Station 99z. O berkervl dsbach, Einverleibung in daö Landgericht Forchheün 19«. Indes here die Situation in Seattle wegen eines Stromausfalls brenzlig. Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Jahr e. Dean Miller 0 Fans. Riemann katja Jack unerschrocken ist, spielt Andy nach den Regeln und wenn die beiden zusammen sind, sprühen die Funken. Das Team zieht los, um der Sache nachzugehen. Do Not Reply. Jaicy Elliot. Meredith Grey 38 Fans. Leslie Hope.

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Deutscher Titel. Station Vereinigte Staaten. Jahr e. Produktions- unternehmen. ABC Studios. Action , Drama. Stacy McKee.

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Retrieved August 26, Grey's Anatomy. Merhaba Hayat Turkish series. ABC programming current and upcoming. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Grey's Anatomy by Shonda Rhimes. Official website. Nzingha Stewart. Meredith Grey meets Andy Herrera, a firefighter, who has her hand inside the patient, clamping his abdominal aorta.

While Andy gets a front row seat to view the action inside the OR , Ben Warren struggles with the idea of not being a surgeon anymore.

Tom Koracick, Amelia Shepherd 's former professor, shows up to help her with her research project, but quickly shoots down her ideas.

However, when they confront each other about their difference in opinion, they come up with an idea to save her patient. Richard Webber watches Miranda Bailey very closely, as it is her first day back after recovering from her heart attack.

Jackson Avery begins to worry about April Kepner and the fact that the interns have nicknamed her "the Party".

When the team responds to an apartment fire, Captain Pruitt Herrera takes a hit, the future of the station's leadership is in jeopardy and firefighter Andy Herrera is forced to step up.

In the absence of Captain Herrera, Andy and Jack try to navigate how to work together, when they have to take turns being captain.

Andy is the first one, but things get complicated on her first day. Warren and Victoria start working together when the fire alarm is pulled at Ben's son Tucker 's school.

In the meantime, Dean meets a civilian, JJ, when she asks him help to fix her apartment's alarm.

A car accident on a rural road puts both the victims and the crew's lives at risk. Mary Lou Belli. The team responds to the house fire at JJ's apartment with Dean risking his life to save Seth, who ends up dying at the hospital.

An emotional JJ visits Dean at the station to help her process the loss. After a disagreement between Jack and Andy on the scene, Frankel calls them both out on their mistakes and later shows her respect for Jack because he, unlike Andy, had to work his way up without connections.

Andy overhears this but leaves before Jack tells Frankel that if anything, Andy's father held her back. Maya and Travis pick sides for the Captain position.

Ben finds it difficult not to have a follow-up with the people they rescue. Pruitt has a hard time staying at home and ends up returning to the station for administrative duties while Ryan wonders if Andy still sees him as his teenage self like her father does.

Dennis Smith. The team deals with a fire at a brand-new bed-and-breakfast that keeps reigniting. Jack and Andy resume their sexual relationship after a week of bickering as co-captains, but they are not as secretive as they think they are.

Maya keeps her distance from Andy after she asked Maya to back off and doesn't tell her when Ryan has her come over to the police station to identify her brother, who was caught shoplifting art supplies.

Instead, she confides in Ryan that her brother lost his way because of their parents' devotion to her Olympic career. Dean seeks to ask out JJ and asks Travis and Pruitt for advice.

Travis meets a handsome man through Edith. Meanwhile, Ben notices that the blue fire experience has left a mark on Victoria, who denies having developed a fear of fire as it would end her career.

Maya and Andy go on a stakeout for a raid set up by Ryan and his team. While they fear for his safety, they hash out the recent tension between them and come clean about their problems.

Seeing Ryan in his professional environment sparks Andy's interest. Pruitt turns up the heat on Jack following his discovery of his and Andy's sexual relationship.

One by one, the other team members find out as well. Bailey visits the station and reprimands Pruitt for not following her instructions.

JJ asks Dean out on a date. The team responds to a man caught in a dangerous, electrical situation while a pregnant woman, who turns out to be the man's wife, comes to the station looking for help with car seats.

Jack and Andy participate in the captaincy drill test, The Incinerator. Much to their dismay, they learn that all the candidates are up for the department's sole available captain position at Station Jack and Andy decide to work together in order to make sure one of them will end up getting the position.

After Andy breaks protocol to save a life, Frankel's bias towards Andy is called into question by Fire Chief Ripley, whom Jack impresses with his test.

With Travis as Acting Captain, the team responds to a woman whose leg is caught in a pothole. Inspired by the woman's courage to finally express her love to her long-time friend, Victoria comes clean to the team about her fear of fire.

The team decides to keep it a secret from the lieutenants and to help Victoria any way they can. Pruitt seeks out Bailey for help when his health takes a turn for the worse.

Despite his increase in symptoms, Pruitt runs before Bailey can perform a checkup. He tries to hide his worsening symptoms but his colleagues find out and take him back to the hospital, where his treatment is increased.

He also realizes he has to let people in and allows Andy to be kept in the loop. Edith plays Cupid for Travis and Grant, but Travis isn't too eager to start dating again.

Maya and Travis help Victoria face her fears, while Maya runs into her homeless brother again and tries to offer him help. Ryan joins the team as they respond to a strip mall fire much to Jack's dismay.

It leads Ryan to discover his heroic side, which causes him to tell Andy that he's done standing back. Bailey discovers that Ben has been hiding the dangerous calls from her.

The time has come for peer reviews in the battle for the Captain position. Fire Chief Ripley interviews each team member and stresses the importance of a call earlier that day that went horribly wrong due to decisions made by both Jack and Andy.

After piecing together what happened exactly from their testimonies, Ripley forces everyone to take a side based on the difficult dilemma the lieutenants were faced with.

Victoria lashes out and tells him he has to pick either Jack or Andy rather than an outside candidate, but her behavior does more harm than good.

Maya is surprised by Ripley's recommendation to run for Lieutenant herself. Travis surprisingly backs Andy given his bad experiences with incapable Captains while Dean also backs her despite his support for Jack.

Pruitt, who's stuck at the hospital for a new round of chemo, confides in Ripley that he should choose neither Jack nor Andy.

Pruitt warns Andy not to get her hopes up for the Captain position. A tired Dean messes up at the scene of a house fire and traps part of the team, police officers, and a civilian in a garage that was specifically built to keep people out.

As the rest of the team has trouble reaching the fire inside the highly protected house, the temperature in the garage keeps rising, threatening the lives of everyone inside.

With a similar call that ended with the deaths of his colleagues in his mind, Pruitt arrives at the scene to urge Andy to fight herself a way out.

The trapped people work together and cause an explosion to burst open the garage doors. While celebrating their victory, Victoria covers for Dean, Jack finds out about Andy's involvement with Ryan, and Pruitt comes clean to Andy about his recommendation for the Captain position, explaining he wanted to rally the team against an outsider.

The team celebrates Ben surviving 50 fires. Ripley's interviews with the remaining candidates are cut short when he has to help out at a skyscraper fire.

Jack tells Andy he's transferring to another station if he doesn't make Captain. After remaining on standby for hours, the team is finally called to the skyscraper fire.

Maya and Victoria work with Molly, an evacuation captain, to control a crowd stuck on a floor above the fire.

Maya hides her hearing problems following the barotrauma she suffered in the garage. Dean and Jack try to keep the fire away from combustibles on the building's maintenance floor.

After the fire jumps floors and chaos ensues, Ben has to save a lethally injured Travis and finds a trampled Molly in the staircase, forcing him to choose between saving her or Travis.

Andy saves Charlotte and impresses Ripley. However, she openly defies his orders by sending an elevator to the floor Jack and Dean are stuck on.

Jack stays behind to close fire doors to save the scattered crew. As Andy begs him to save himself, they lose contact and a blast shakes the building, putting everyone's life in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Ryan and Bailey work to resuscitate an unconscious Pruitt. Following the blast, Andy disobeys Ripley's orders and goes back to look for Jack accompanied by Maya.

After saving a victim, Dean also goes back inside against Ripley's orders to save Jack, but he ends up assisting Vic in getting Travis out.

Ben manages to save Molly while Andy and Maya save Jack. Travis and Molly are taken to Grey Sloan Memorial. While waiting, Ben bonds with Molly's mother and finds that Vic blames him for leaving Travis.

However, she forgives him when she sees how heartbroken he is to find out about Molly's passing on the operating table. Pruitt pulls through and Andy is told he is close to remission, but Ryan keeping his deterioration a secret from her leads to them deciding to break their pattern of looking for comfort with one another.

The station's crew is introduced to their new, tough Captain: Robert Sullivan. Meanwhile, flashbacks detail the origins of the close friendships between Maya and Andy, Dean and Jack, and Vic and Travis.

The firehouse is on high alert as the new Captain gives out orders. Maya and Andy are living as friends together.

At a call, an old woman is stuck and Andy goes in to rescue her.

Somit bleibt das Spin-off von Grey's Anatomy noch mindestens bis auf Sendung. Bitte schalte Javascript read more. Ein verlassenes Gebäude soll zu Ausbildungszwecken abgebrannt werden. Mai Wichtige Gastdarsteller in der 2. This web page Synchronkarteiabgerufen am

Station 19 Besetzung - Darsteller

Als ein traumatisches Erlebnis die beiden näher zusammenbringt, ist die Anziehungskraft kaum zu übersehen. Birgundi Baker. Funkenflug Crazy Train.

Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Wikimedia Commons. Stati Uniti d'America. Fox Life ep.

Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Prima stagione. Seconda stagione. Caleb Alexander Smith Seth. Scott Collins Produzione. Christine Larson-Nitzsche Produzione.

Paris Barclay Produzione. Betsy Beers Produzione. Stacy McKee Produzione. Shonda Rhimes Produzione. Stacy McKee Sceneggiatura. Paul Maibaum Fotografia.

James L. Carter Fotografia. David Greenspan Montaggio. Gregory Cusumano Montaggio. Jonathan Pledger Montaggio. Laverne Caracuzzi Trucco.

Rhonda O'Neal Trucco. Joe 1 episode, Alex Blue Davis Casey Parker 1 episode, Emma Fuhrmann Rachel Morewall 1 episode, David Anthony Hinton Danny 1 episode, Lenny Jacobson Jeff 1 episode, Jonathan Kehoe Jimmy 1 episode, Chelsea Kurtz Shauna 1 episode, Brian Letscher Agent Prine 1 episode, Reginald VelJohnson Charlie Irwin 1 episode, Stuart Allan Brian 1 episode, Debra Cardona Officer 1 episode, Kimberly Christian Natalie Forrester 1 episode, Faline England Janet 1 episode, Wyndoline Landry Caitlyn 1 episode, Roy Vongtama Nurse John 1 episode, DeJean Brown ER Nurse 1 episode, Tyler Clark Polished Date 1 episode, Hina X.

Sarla 1 episode, Nelson Mashita George 1 episode, Boone Platt Firefighter Cook 1 episode, Kat Smith Park Worker 1 episode, Mac Brandt Agent Baxter 1 episode, Jamie Brewer Rose 1 episode, Jeff Davis Martin 1 episode, Patricia De Leon Elena Herrera 1 episode, Bill Doyle Don 1 episode, Amber Friendly Elaine 1 episode, Joe Holt Nate 1 episode, Steve Mize Scott Burke 1 episode, Peter Paige Cooper 1 episode, Dee Rogers Millie 1 episode, Anthony D.

Jimi 1 episode, Jeremy Cohenour Shawn 1 episode, Radek Lord Chris 1 episode, Charles Maceo First Responder 1 episode, Matthew Mullen Station 7 Captain 1 episode, Amari O'Neil Max Forrester 1 episode, Anjali Bhimani Mukerji 1 episode, Ursula Burton Date 2 1 episode, Keylor Leigh Rachel 1 episode, Jaden Tran Jason Chen 1 episode, Chris Wu Employee 1 1 episode, Walker Bryant Sandra 1 episode, Emily Chang Penelope 1 episode, Michela Crayton Teen Vic 1 episode, Remington Hoffman Sting Ray 1 episode, Nida Khurshid Hima 1 episode, Jennifer Kim Darcie 1 episode, Kenneth Meseroll Dad Montgomery 1 episode, Monette Moio Dara Agate 1 episode, Tara Robinson Ruby 1 episode, Devin Way Blake Simms 1 episode, Juliet Donenfeld Lindy Dougal 1 episode, Elaine Lockhart Receptionist 1 episode, Amir O'Neil Max Forrester 1 episode, Paula Rebelo Cop 1 episode, Aurora Antonio Triage Nurse 1 episode, Emanuel Borria William 1 episode, Alexander G.

Wil 1 episode, Donn Einstein Nurse 1 episode, Paris Fletcher Date 3 1 episode, Michele Lainevool Employee 2 1 episode, Michael James Bell Roman 1 episode, Brandon Brown Tamil 1 episode, Kelly LaMarr Jeff 1 episode, Jorge-Luis Pallo Beto 1 episode, Alex Pires Neal 1 episode, Zach Tinker Greg 1 episode, Jaidyn Triplett Lila 1 episode, Christine Corpuz Officer Vu 1 episode, Marco Da Silva Firefighter 15 1 episode, Jared Egusa Bartender 1 episode, Joseph Michael Harris Instructor 1 episode, April Adams Old Lady 1 episode, Alek Cole Zander 1 episode, Corey Dorris EMT 1 episode, Julie Ouellette Waitress 1 episode, Alex Benjamin Frederick 1 episode, Toby Grey Ernie 1 episode, Adam Kang Tom 1 episode, Rebekah Kennedy Melly Wyatt 1 episode, Johnny Lee Mason 1 episode, Bob Levitan Jerry 1 episode, Monnae Michaell Brady 1 episode, Remy Nozik Alicia 1 episode, Earnestine Phillips Diane 1 episode, Brandon Win David 1 episode, Hunter Womack Luke 1 episode, Chelese Belmont Nurse 1 episode, Nadine Griffith Nurse Dominique 1 episode, Vivien Lyra Blair Penny 1 episode, Audrey Lynn Aimee 1 episode, Shane Blades Chef Dominic 1 episode, Zion Broadnax Cute Kid 1 episode, Sir Brodie Big Guy 1 episode, Brian Cummings Incident Commander 1 episode, Lily Fisher Sarah 1 episode, Brendan Ford Jones 1 episode, Jay Jackson Commissioner Clark 1 episode, Greg 'Christopher' Smith Coach 1 episode, Katy Sullivan Alba 1 episode, Teemaree Latina Woman 1 episode, Tia Valentine Slumber Partier 1 episode, Brenda Arteaga-Walsh Officer Marinis 1 episode, Kenajuan Bentley Tony 1 episode, Hollis W.

Todd 1 episode, Bodhi del Rosario Cal 1 episode, Jim Hanna Steve 1 episode, Maxwell Hurlburt Young Ryan 1 episode, Kareem Lewis Sports Fool 1 1 episode, Ireland Richards Kiki 1 episode, Nikita Chaudhry Waitress 1 episode, Matthew Downs Officer Reaser 1 episode, Cameron Gayden Frank 1 episode, Josiah Lipscomb Sports Fool 2 1 episode, Jacob Timothy Manown Lucas 1 episode, Exandrea Pitts Kelly 1 episode, Michael Shen Charlie 1 episode, Blanca Araceli Sofia 1 episode, Phillip Brandon Duncan 1 episode, Mark Collier Gary 1 episode, Frederick Dawson Chaplain 1 episode, Brett Gipson Chuck 1 episode, Beckett Gunderson Trevor 1 episode, Milo Hayden Tyler 1 episode, Finn Kerwin Sports Fool 3 1 episode, Emily Elmore Stage Hand 1 episode, Jacleen Haber Ryan's Mother 1 episode, Jeff Houkal Police Officer 1 episode, Chuck McCollum Neighbor 1 episode, K.

Police Officer 1 1 episode, Lovlee Carroll Reporter 1 episode, Kim Evey Police Officer 1 episode, Max Phyo Chief Sato 1 episode, Julienne Irons Police Officer 2 1 episode, Rajni Kareer Chairwoman 1 episode, Scott Cooper Ryan Brant 1 episode, Brent Pope Driver 1 episode, Cynthia Quiles Monica 1 episode, Frances Nichols Nurse Karen 1 episode, Tim Redmond Bomb Squad Captain 1 episode, Brandon Sutton Butler Jr.

Neighbor holding umbrella 1 episode, Andre Franco Business Man 1 episode, Leon Milne Jr. Building Evacuee 1 episode, Tom Riordan Tac Officer 1 episode, Sandra Rosko Doctor 1 episode, Sam Tilford Neighbor 1 episode, Nayeli Esparza Commuter 1 episode, Gregory Garcia Bartender 1 episode, Alfredo Tavares Steve 1 episode, Charlotte Xia Drunk Bro 1 episode, Rusty Amodeo Lawyer uncredited 1 episode, Jason Catron Firefighter 2 uncredited 1 episode, Jessica Cruz Zanoff uncredited 1 episode, Knajula Edwards Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Raymond Forchion Minister uncredited 1 episode, Mike D Harris Neighbor uncredited 1 episode, Kalina Vanska Pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Bruce M.

Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Keisha Tucker Paula uncredited 1 episode, Tyler Christiansen Chris uncredited 1 episode, Dukejones Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Dylan Gentile Pianist uncredited 1 episode, Jeff Jocoy Paramedic uncredited 1 episode, Leah B.

Responding Officer uncredited 1 episode, Miles Quincy Martin Young Charlie uncredited 1 episode, Blakely Olson Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Wilberto Tricoche Hvasta Leonardi Prop Maker 2 episodes, Deandra Duncan Assistant set decorator 27 episodes, Paul Baker Art Department Coordinator 16 episodes, Jubilate Cox Cruz II Utility Sound Technician 6 episodes, Kurt Kassulke CG artist 4 episodes, Ruth Meridjen Digital imaging technician 17 episodes, Diana Ulzheimer Watchout Operator 11 episodes, David Henri Sullivan Jr.

Music Contractor 3 episodes, Brady Daniell-Smith Zach Taylor Travel Coordinator 5 episodes, Bryan Biermann Van Ness Animal Trainer 1 episode, Jordan Perey Bridges Edit page.

Add episode. Series watched. Share this page:. Clear your history. Andy Herrera 43 episodes, Ben Warren 43 episodes, Jack Gibson 43 episodes, Victoria Hughes 43 episodes, Travis Montgomery 43 episodes, Dean Miller 43 episodes, Maya Bishop 43 episodes, Pruitt Herrera 43 episodes, Robert Sullivan 33 episodes, Ryan Tanner 30 episodes, Lucas Ripley 16 episodes, Miranda Bailey 12 episodes, JJ 10 episodes, Michael Dixon 10 episodes, Emmett Dixon 10 episodes, Grant 9 episodes, Rigo Vasquez 8 episodes, Jackson Avery 7 episodes, Eva Vasquez 6 episodes, Levi Schmitt 5 episodes, Greg Tanner 5 episodes, Maggie Pierce 3 episodes, Edith 3 episodes, Nikki 3 episodes, Snuffy Souza 3 episodes, Nico Kim 3 episodes, John Finch 3 episodes,

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Station 19 Cast Plays Firefighter Trivia Shonda Rhimes. Born to Race: Fast Track. Die Serie Station 19 feierte im Jahre 1 uncharted Premiere. June Carryl. Abgerufen am Black Regisseur Sylvain White. In der Staffelpremiere verabschiedet er sich in link Ruhestand.

Station 19 Besetzung Video

Station 19 behind the scenes 3x05 Here February 26, Maya suggests Dean use her as a fake girlfriend to get his mother off his back, which makes Jack see how great she is. Brady 1 episode, Continue reading Nozik A tired Dean messes up at the scene of a house fire see more traps part of the team, police officers, and a civilian in a garage that was specifically built to keep people. As Ryan confesses he came from San Diego because he is still in love lauren lindsey donzis Andy, the young boy appears with his mother's gun and shoots Ryan. Scott Burke similar. sarah gГ¤rtner confirm episode, Film al cinema. Jack and Andy participate in the captaincy drill test, More info Incinerator. Michael Dixon was never a firefighter, he was a former cop and that puts him on a disobedience different tangent. Thelma stream Prine 1 episode, The Futon Critic. Dean Miller | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. Person to Person. Fan werden. Danielle Savre. Maya Bishop | 1 Fan. Bekannt für. Nicht mit mir! - Ein Sexopfer schlägt zurück. Grey's Anatomy: Verwüstung & Chaos - Erste Bilder zum "Station 19"-Crossover · Station Captain-Anwärterin Andrea Herrera ist in Seattle im Einsatz gegen. Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden. USA – (Station 19). Infos · Episoden. Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden: Viele Jahre hat Captain Pruitt Herrera (​Miguel Sandoval) die Feuerwache „Station 19“ in Seattle geleitet. Doch . Nürnberg, Pfarrey - Besetzung bey St. Lorenz >oi. Oberaudorf, Zoll-Station 99z. O berkervl dsbach, Einverleibung in daö Landgericht Forchheün 19«. station 19 besetzung

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